IKU Israel Quality Assurance is the new branch of Italy Kosher Union - IKU's headquarters in Italy. IKU Israel provides a service that allows you to bring the Italian gastronomic quality in Israel. IKU promises high quality certifications for both kosher and/or milk free inspections. Moreover, it offers experts consultation for importing and exporting food to/from Israel. IKU has recently entered the wine industry, providing the service to make kosher wine in the very local and refined Italian wineries. 

In Italy, the number of kosher certification agencies has grown at a high rate. IKU uses ultimate technologies and is increasingly attentive to the demands of manufacturers seeking the kosher certificate. The rabbis at IKU, are both experts in Jewish law and on any relevant issue that may arise in the food industry. In order to obtain a kosher certificate, the product must meet strict standards and all its production steps must conform to Jewish dietary laws. Our experts supervision ensures compliance with these rules and their accreditation (valid and renewable) may be revoked at any stage when the required guarantees no longer exist. That is why Italy Kosher Federation avails itself of modern professionals and digital methods. We are a world-renowned reference point and work together with other agencies in the US (like the OU). Our team will be happy to provide information and quotations to the food industry .The Kashrut Division is under the supervision of Rabbi Y. Belinov, coordinator and director of the Center for the Environment, Dr. Meir Piha (www.italyjewishguide. it).
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