What do we offer
Import/Export Consultation

IKU offers you the possibility to find new markets for your products that are made and certified (kosher) in Italy. We consult you and assist you in the process whether it is for importing an Italian product to your country of choice or for exporting it from Italy to another country.

Kosher Certificate

For years now, IKU has offered excellent service and high quality kosher certification to any type of food production. We assist you on a regular yearly basis to certify and renovate your kosher certification on your product of interest; it could be water, oil, wine, pasta and much more!


Milk Free Certification

IKU doesn't ignore the growing need in the market for a "milk free" certification. This is why our selected Rabbies have been trained and are qualified to recognize any trace of milk during food production processes. With IKU your milk free certification will be highly reliable and internaionally trusted!

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